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  There are always mixed emotions about snow days. Some are excited. Some, not so much. There are still folks who need to get out in this weather, but others have the luxury of working from home. I happen to be one of the blessed ones.   Our church buildings are closed today, so that […]


Standing on the Promises (Sabbatical Post)

  Do you remember that old hymn? I certainly do. However, as I sang it in years past, I am certain that I never fully understood the whole message. I probably didn’t really sing the words of this hymn. The message that not only does God keep His promises, but we can stand firm in […]


Word Games (Sabbatical Post)

  My sister Tammy and I love to play games. Our favorite however, is Scrabble and when we are together, there must be at least one game of Scrabble during our visit.   We live over a thousand miles apart, but we have figured out how to play our beloved game. It’s called Lexulous. Lexulous […]


What I Missed

  Wow! Have I been busy! But I must say that this busyness has been super fulfilling. I’ve met with lots and lots of ladies in ministry. I’ve made connections with Bible study leaders and I’ve been re-energized with a great sense of purpose in my life.   But yesterday afternoon, as my husband and […]



  Thought I’d share a picture of our sunrise this morning. I usually don’t look toward the east when the sun is coming up. Remember my office faces west and the mountains, but this morning I just happened to glance out the east-facing window in my kitchen to see this beauty of a sunrise. I […]

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