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Benedictions (Part 1) – Word of God Wednesday

  Several years ago at this time of the year, I had the opportunity to go on a service trip to SE Asia. What an experience! I love being able to share memories of that time.   While I was gone, I shared a biblical benediction each day and asked for specific prayer from the […]


Let the Worshipers Arise

  One of my favorite music albums is by Phillips, Craig and Dean titled, “Let the Worshipers Arise.” Every song on the album points the listener to make the decision to grow spiritually. To grow closer in your relationship with Jesus. To allow God’s Spirit to work in a more powerful way. To step it […]


Let’s Celebrate America!

  America celebrates its 239th birthday today. It may not be the perfect country, but I am proud to say that I am an American.   While traveling to SE Asia a few years ago, I was stopped by a group of students who were working on a high school project. They wanted to interview […]



  I had a weird dream last night. The communications director at church is a good friend. She was involved. In my dream, Kayla and I decided I needed a second job. So we were trying to figure out what I should do. Our first option was to drive people around in a car. You […]


Worship and Rest

We’ve once again rounded the final column of the calendar and have found ourselves on Sunday. The beginning of the week. The day of the week to be devoted to worshiping God and rest. I pray that you may find these two elements in your day.   I also pray that you will be encouraged! […]

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