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A Challenge

Have you ever been discouraged? If you answered “no,” you’re not being honest with yourself. This world has a way of discouraging us. It squashes our dreams, hopes and desires. It has a way of making us feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy. We can choose to be discouraged by the world or to be encouraged […]


Acts 2

  I just finished writing Acts 2. What a powerful chapter of Scripture! There were a few things that caught my attention in this passage.   First, the whole pouring of the Holy Spirit happening must have been exhilarating and frightening all at the same time. But what power they must have felt once the […]


“A” – A to Z Challenge

  Today is April 1st which can mean something different to each individual. Of course, April fool’s day comes to mind automatically. For others, it could mean the end of one venture and the beginning of the next adventure. And still for others, it might be just another ordinary day.   April 1st has come […]


“Get Yourself Ready: A Study on 1 & 2 Peter”

  If you recall, the reason I stopped writing on my blog each day was so that I could devote my thought processes to writing a Bible study on 1 and 2 Peter. I knew that I would learn along the way, but I really am amazed at what God has shown me through this […]


“Spirit of the Living God” (Sooter/Fieldes) – Monday Musical Musings

  It hasn’t been that long since I shared a song with this same title. Just three weeks as a matter of fact. But we sang this version yesterday in our worship service and I was touched, yet again, by God’s Spirit through the lyrics and melody of this beautiful song.   In my early […]

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