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Snow in the Mountains

  What a beautiful morning it is in Colorado! It’s a bit cooler and there was snow in the mountains yesterday! These little weather patterns remind us that the seasons are thinking of changing. Oh I’ve lived long enough to know that autumn has not come onto the scene yet, but it is sure nice […]


Refresh My Heart

  I am feeling a little (okay I’ll admit it, a lot) jet-lagged and tired. And as I sit here this morning, I’m wondering how my brain can possibly function well today. So I thought I’d see what God’s Word has to say about how to get over this feeling of weariness.   I read […]


“A” – A to Z Challenge

  Today is April 1st which can mean something different to each individual. Of course, April fool’s day comes to mind automatically. For others, it could mean the end of one venture and the beginning of the next adventure. And still for others, it might be just another ordinary day.   April 1st has come […]


A New Voice?

  I’m finishing up a lesson today on the beginning few chapters of Genesis. I’ve had the opportunity to study the creation of the world and mankind. It’s been a good reminder for me to enjoy God’s creation. The beauty He placed at my doorstep is pretty remarkable.   But in the review of this […]


Four Elements to Happiness

  We hear the word “happy” all the time. There are happy dances, happy songs and happy happenings. We celebrate happiness, embrace happiness, as well as search for happiness. And just how do you know if someone is happy? They are usually bubbling with it, right? You know when someone is happy.   Of course, […]

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