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Almost Time

  It’s nearly time to take mom to the airport. I have loved having her here to chat with and laugh with and run around with. We’ve had some great adventures and good visits with family and friends. But it is almost time for her to leave.   I’ll miss her. Terribly. So I thought […]


“A” – A to Z Challenge

  Today is April 1st which can mean something different to each individual. Of course, April fool’s day comes to mind automatically. For others, it could mean the end of one venture and the beginning of the next adventure. And still for others, it might be just another ordinary day.   April 1st has come […]


“Hide Me Behind the Cross” – Musical Musings in March

  You’ve probably been wondering what happened to me today. I know, it’s 12 hours later than I usually post. But I do have an excuse and I am sharing a great song with you today. So I’m praying you’ll give me a little slack.   After my husband went to work early this morning, […]


And Yet Again

  Mom is back in the hospital this morning with more of the same symptoms she has been experiencing for the past two months. Another angiogram is planned today. And here I sit, miles and miles away from one of my favorite people in the world feeling pretty helpless.   So today I need encouragement […]


Mom’s Day

Several years ago, Mom published a cook book of her many delicious recipes with some wonderful stories. She asked each of her children to write a little bit for the forward. My first draft was rejected by Mom (and I’ve come to learn that it was the easiest rejection of my writing to date)…the second […]

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