Almost Time


It’s nearly time to take mom to the airport. I have loved having her here to chat with and laugh with and run around with. We’ve had some great adventures and good visits with family and friends. But it is almost time for her to leave.


I’ll miss her. Terribly. So I thought I’d share a poem I found about someone else’s mom, but it fits my mom perfectly. Thank you Mom for being the lovely person you are and for sharing your life with me.


Your Heart Is Like a Garden


flowersYour heart is like a garden
With the gateway open wide,
And all who will may enter,
Finding peace and love inside.
There are roses for remembrance
Of happy by-gone days,
Forget-me-nots that symbolize
Your ever-thoughtful ways.
Shy violets for your modesty
And pansies for the tender thoughts
You always have of others.
And from my childhood, Mother,
My joys have had their start
In that place of truth and beauty—
The garden of your heart.

Author: Unknown


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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