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  Well I managed to do it again. I didn’t write or post anything yesterday. I was busy with grandkids all day long and never once thought about getting something down on paper to share with you. Please accept my apology!   Since it’s Sunday, it’s time for a repeated blog post. I pray that […]


“A” – A to Z Challenge

  Today is April 1st which can mean something different to each individual. Of course, April fool’s day comes to mind automatically. For others, it could mean the end of one venture and the beginning of the next adventure. And still for others, it might be just another ordinary day.   April 1st has come […]


Little Bits of Love

  Last weekend when my grandkids came for a visit, I had several activities for them to do. I bought Play-Doh. Oh my, what fun they had with that! Joy’s was nice a neat and she created some fun things. Percy and Leslieanna on the other hand made mounds of colors…Leslieanna ended up with all […]


Heritage Square

I spent Saturday with my two daughters and my three grandkids at a local attraction called Heritage Square. On this particular day, we enjoyed a car show, a walk around the town, as well as the amusement park rides. It was a day filled with great memories.   The biggest problem we faced was the […]

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