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  Well I managed to do it again. I didn’t write or post anything yesterday. I was busy with grandkids all day long and never once thought about getting something down on paper to share with you. Please accept my apology!   Since it’s Sunday, it’s time for a repeated blog post. I pray that […]



  I walked through my front door yesterday morning at 8:10 am. It was a beautiful moment. While I loved being with my Ohio family and wouldn’t trade a single minute there, I missed home. I love the feeling that washes over me when I arrive home. My safe haven. My familiar place. The beauty, […]



  We’ve been hearing messages from the Book of Ephesians on Sunday morning at church. We’re learning that sometimes we place labels on ourselves that are false and what glorious labels we have received from God. It’s been a great message series.   In March of this year, I made the decision to lead the […]


What a Makeover!

  I’ve been working on this office of mine for a while. It seems that each day I tweak it just a bit. Change a section of the room. Fix what I feel needs fixing. It seems like it’s never ending and will never be finished.   What I do like is what has happened […]


Mirrored Image

My seven-year-old granddaughter drew this picture of a butterfly. Isn’t it beautiful? As a grandparent, I thought it was beautiful just because she drew it. But then, she explained how she drew this picture.   She took a crayon in each hand and as she drew the right side of the body, she mirrored the […]

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