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  I have recently found some beautiful verses of Scripture on Pinterest. I pray that you will enjoy them as much as I have!                   Grace and peace be yours in abundance,   Donna


What a Mighty God

  What a week I’ve had. I’ve been sick (either with a very short cold or a severe case of allergic reaction to the junk in the air). I’ve missed two days of work. My son turned 33 on Friday and my daughter turns 30 today (this just doesn’t seem possible!). My emotions have been […]


Philippians 1:21 – Word of God Wednesday

  NOTE: I lost a day somewhere this week! It’s Thursday folks, but I clearly woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday! Oh my!   I spent my time with God this morning with a single verse of Scripture. Philippians 1:21. I had a coloring page for this verse, so I picked up my […]


Cow Appreciation Day

  Today is Cow Appreciation Day. Did you know there was such a thing? Chic-fil-A has been able to tap into this day and if you dress up partially as a cow (I don’t even know how to do that) you get a free entrée! I would think Chic-fil-A will not be the place to […]


Go For It!

  I have learned through the years that when summer hits, I become lazy in my quiet time with God. There’s no Bible study(s) to keep in the Word. There’s no structure to when I meet with other women to talk about God’s Word. In the past it’s been several months of separation from God. […]

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