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A Few Words of Encouragement

  Maybe you’re in the same boat as I am today, but I could use a shot of encouragement from Scripture. So today, I’m going to remind myself (and you) of some truths from God’s Word. I pray that God will find you right where you are.   “We are hard-pressed on every side, but […]


My Thoughts for Praise in Motion

  Rocky offers a wonderful experience for ladies called Praise in Motion. We focus on a specific message from God’s Word and then we move to music that points us to God. Our instructors are gifted ladies who help each person in the room to move a little bit more, both physically and spiritually. Tuesday […]


Looking for the Good Life?

  I was reminded this past week of my favorite section of Scripture…some might call this portion my life verses. But what I love about these words is the encouragement I find, the wisdom found and the reminder of Who it all comes from.   “This is the good life—my heart is glad, my soul […]


Caught Smiling

  This has been a great week. Yesterday as I sat at my desk, a co-worker stopped by and asked how I was. I said “great!” She thought so. I had been smiling, nearly laughing when she came into my office. Her next question was, “why?”   Why not?   In that next instant, I […]


Grumbling and Complaining

  It’s hard to believe that in two weeks, Thanksgiving will have passed. Family and friends will be out and about in the hub-bub of the shopping frenzy and the end of the year will be within our sights. And before you know it, this season of gratitude will be gone.   I have friends […]

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