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“You Are” – Monday Musical Musings

  It’s been months since I’ve been to Praise in Motion. My summer schedule has kept me from worshiping God in this special way. But the music from Praise in Motion continues to show up and remind of what is waiting when I am able to return.   The song I share with you today […]


“Greater” – Monday Musical Musings

  As you know, I was away at a conference last week. I missed some of the usual things I do throughout the week and one of them was Praise in Motion. I missed the ladies, I missed the movement, I missed being in God’s presence.   So just to remind me of His great […]


My Thoughts for Praise in Motion

  Rocky offers a wonderful experience for ladies called Praise in Motion. We focus on a specific message from God’s Word and then we move to music that points us to God. Our instructors are gifted ladies who help each person in the room to move a little bit more, both physically and spiritually. Tuesday […]



  Rocky Mountain Christian Church offers a very unique program that is helping to transform my life. Praise in Motion (Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm at the Frederick Campus) is a movement class that combines body, mind and soul to draw the participants closer to God. It has truly been a great way for me […]


Joyful! Joyful!

  As you recall, I have been participating in a beautiful movement ministry, Praise in Motion. These few moments each week have been such a blessing to me and by the size of our class, obviously to others as well.   During this time of movement, mind, body and Spirit are used to connect with […]

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