“Hide Me Behind the Cross” – Musical Musings in March


You’ve probably been wondering what happened to me today. I know, it’s 12 hours later than I usually post. But I do have an excuse and I am sharing a great song with you today. So I’m praying you’ll give me a little slack.


???????????????????????????????After my husband went to work early this morning, I napped. However, Mom woke me up with the news that she thought she needed to go back to the emergency room. After talking with her doctor, we headed to the hospital. At the end of a long day, all I can tell you is that we are heading to Ohio on Tuesday. Mom will see her doctor next week and a plan of action will be set in motion.


When we arrived back to my house, I asked Mom what her favorite song was. Her all-time favorite is “Pieces of April” by Three Dog Night. But she knew I wanted something to write about here, so added that her favorite religious song is “Hide Me Behind the Cross.” I had heard her mention it before, but never followed through with listening to it.


After listening to this song, I am embarrassed to say that I should have long before today. It’s beautiful. The lyrics. The melody. The harmony. It is a song that should be my favorite song. So I’m not going to say any more. Just share this beautiful piece of music with you. Enjoy my Mom’s “favorite” song.


“Hide Me Behind the Cross”


Lord as I seek to serve You,

May You find in me what’s pleasing to Your heart.

I leave my will at Calvary,

Taking on a nature humbled by Your scars.


For I know it’s only through Your love,

That who I am is hidden by Your grace.

Let my desires be overshadowed,

As I recall the purpose of that place.



Hide me behind the cross,

Where my gains become as loss.

And only Your glory is in view.

Your power will be revealed.

The more that I am concealed.

Hide me behind the cross,

So the world sees only You.


If I rely on my strength

To be a source of hope for those in need,

The only profit I would gain

Would be the empty honor of my deeds.

But with all of self behind Your cross,

The splendor of Your love stands free to shine.

Illuminating with Your power,

Reaching souls so You alone are glorified.



You really must listen to this one. Please click here to listen to Gold City’s version of “Hide Me Behind the Cross.”


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “Hide Me Behind the Cross,” Words and Music by R. E. Patton

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