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God’s Voice

  I haven’t shared some of my Pinterest finds in a while, so I am going to show you some of my favorite verses of Scripture that have been masterfully placed within an art form. I pray that one of these verses will speak to you today. Whether these words resonate loudly with your or […]


A New Voice?

  I’m finishing up a lesson today on the beginning few chapters of Genesis. I’ve had the opportunity to study the creation of the world and mankind. It’s been a good reminder for me to enjoy God’s creation. The beauty He placed at my doorstep is pretty remarkable.   But in the review of this […]


The Voice

I am going to admit something. I’m lonely. I’ve moved from one church to another and I feel as if my “old” friends have moved along and my “new” friends have plenty of things to do besides talk to me all day long (I have plenty to do as well). There just doesn’t seem to […]


Gather Together

I am excited to worship with my new church family this morning. We will gather together in fellowship, we will sing praises to our heavenly Father, we will humble ourselves before Him during the Lord’s Supper, we will honor Him with our financial gifts, and we will listen intently as His message is spoken.   […]

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