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Baby Liam – Day 3

  Hi again from Ohio! I miss you and I will have lots to share when I return, but until then, here’s another repeated blog post. Have a blessed day!   College Days   After graduating high school in 1978, I lived on campus of Cincinnati Bible College (now known as Cincinnati Christian University) for […]


Another Break – Day 2

  Thank you again for your patience while I’m gallivanting around this country of ours. Can’t wait to see family tomorrow! Have a blessed day and enjoy these words from a previous blog post.   Thoughts for the Day   Some things to remember today:   It is going to be a great day – […]



  Last November, I began a journey of writing Scripture each day. I used an online plan each month to write sections of Scripture for the day. Some took longer than others, but they averaged 10 minutes of writing per day.   The problem was cohesiveness. One day I might be in Peter and the […]


God’s Voice

  I haven’t shared some of my Pinterest finds in a while, so I am going to show you some of my favorite verses of Scripture that have been masterfully placed within an art form. I pray that one of these verses will speak to you today. Whether these words resonate loudly with your or […]


Yesterday – Blogging A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  Yesterday I had the privilege to be part of a grand party. A close friend, sister in Christ, a spiritual daughter is getting married and we started the celebration yesterday with a bridal shower.   Her faithfulness to God has been amazing. She’s waited. She’s served. She’s gone. She’s done all that God has […]

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