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Need Some Help

  I find myself needing a few words of encouragement this morning. Maybe you’re in the same boat. So here are a few of my recently pinned Pinterest pins that I love. I pray that you will find exactly what you need in God’s Word today.                   […]


Another Break – Day 2

  Thank you again for your patience while I’m gallivanting around this country of ours. Can’t wait to see family tomorrow! Have a blessed day and enjoy these words from a previous blog post.   Thoughts for the Day   Some things to remember today:   It is going to be a great day – […]


Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

  Yesterday I shared my love of God’s Word and today I will combine God’s Word with my enjoyment of art…yes from Pinterest. These little snippets from the Bible warm and bless my heart. I pray they do the same for you.                         God’s […]


Today I Will…

My heart is heavy. Death, disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement have entered into my world. Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to think about the lives of those who have lost their battle with this life or their battle within and it simply leaves my heart heavy. What the world calls this heaviness of […]



Reading recipes for enjoyment is in my blood. I come from a long line of great cooks, from my great-grandmothers, to my grandmothers, to my mom and her generation to my cousins. And while they were all wonderful cooks they also enjoy reading recipes as much as I do.   There are vast collections of […]

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