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A Lot of Rain and a Little Snow

  Our weather in Colorado has been pretty unusual this past week. It has rained every day. Friends have had to deal with the uncertainty and fear of rising water. And to top it all off, last night all that rain turned to snow! We have snow on the ground this morning!   But this […]


Prepare Yourself

  If you have been out and about at all in December, you have run into a bunch of people getting ready for something. That something is Christmas! Some folks love the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Some become very impatient. Some are rude. Some continue with a smile on their face. Some are […]


Today I Will…

My heart is heavy. Death, disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement have entered into my world. Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to think about the lives of those who have lost their battle with this life or their battle within and it simply leaves my heart heavy. What the world calls this heaviness of […]


Prayer Warriors?

I’m working through a Bible study on prayer right now. It’s actually the third time I’ve read through the book and the second time I’ve done it as a study, this time with a group that I’m leading. The book is called “Follow Me” by Randy Sprinkle and I know I’ve mentioned it before.   […]

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