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Birds of a Feather on a Wire

  It’s that time of year. Perhaps you’ve noticed it. Birds are flocking together and sitting atop wires along the road. Apparently, this is a phenomenon that occurs in the fall, as the weather begins to cool. I suspect there are other times of the year that it happens, but autumn is when it is […]


Who’s the Boss?

Today is National Boss’ Day. I’ve had my fair share of bosses through the years. Some have been great, some have been, well, not so great.   My first boss was my Dad. I was blessed to work for the church as his secretary for about two years in high school. One thing I recall […]



Reading recipes for enjoyment is in my blood. I come from a long line of great cooks, from my great-grandmothers, to my grandmothers, to my mom and her generation to my cousins. And while they were all wonderful cooks they also enjoy reading recipes as much as I do.   There are vast collections of […]


“B” – Blogging A to Z

This month you will following me through the alphabet for a writing challenge that I’ve decided to be part of. Sometimes it’s nice to know that I have something in mind to write about. This month is going to be just like that.   Yesterday I wrote about the “A” Names of God. Abba, Father, […]


Let it Begin

It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and since Thanksgiving was so late this year, the Christmas season begins today! If your church is like mine, it will be decorated and the message series will begin telling the Christmas story this morning.   This is one of my favorite sermon series of the year. Hearing the news […]

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