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  Don’t you love when you accomplish something? Whether its finishing a craft project or raking a yard full of leaves or completing a daunting task or reading “the end” to a book, when its finished, there is such a sense of accomplishment. It’s a “feel good” moment.   Well I finished a big task […]



  Last November, I began a journey of writing Scripture each day. I used an online plan each month to write sections of Scripture for the day. Some took longer than others, but they averaged 10 minutes of writing per day.   The problem was cohesiveness. One day I might be in Peter and the […]


The Handwriting of God

  I have another confession to make. I love searching for unique and fun fonts to use for work and play. Don’t ask me why, but a font that can place a doodle or create a glorious letter on a page is just amazing to me. I have even created my own font. Yes, my […]

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