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What Do You Remember?

  It’s beginning. The autumn season is here. Cooler temperatures coax me to so many of my favorite things. Sweaters (without getting too hot), hot cider, pumpkin spice deliciousness, squash soup, candles burning, fall décor, apples, visits to the pumpkin farm and so much more.   As I become excited for what is to come, […]


Snow in the Mountains

  What a beautiful morning it is in Colorado! It’s a bit cooler and there was snow in the mountains yesterday! These little weather patterns remind us that the seasons are thinking of changing. Oh I’ve lived long enough to know that autumn has not come onto the scene yet, but it is sure nice […]


Just One More

  Oh please forgive me. I need to repurpose an older blog post for just one more day. My Dad got off to the airport and has made it home safely. My visit with him was better than I could have imagined. There will be multiple posts to come to share how God showed up […]


It’s Here!

This morning, I might say that fall has arrived. We know that this week the calendar said it did. The forecasters have prepared us for the arrival. And the evening temperatures have warned us to get ready for it. Frost was mentioned this morning from my local meteorologist. Yes, we’ve been warned.   But as […]



I know…it’s only August and it’s been hot this past week in Colorado, but I am getting the itch for autumn to arrive. The cool, crisp air. A sweater to wrap around myself. The scent of apples and nutmeg wafting through my kitchen. My fall décor throughout my home. I’m ready.   But it’s been […]

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