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What Do You Remember?

  It’s beginning. The autumn season is here. Cooler temperatures coax me to so many of my favorite things. Sweaters (without getting too hot), hot cider, pumpkin spice deliciousness, squash soup, candles burning, fall décor, apples, visits to the pumpkin farm and so much more.   As I become excited for what is to come, […]


The Memory Thing

  I won’t say it’s because I’m older, but my memory isn’t nearly as good as it was in my earlier years. However, I must say that my memory is much better than it was a few years back. For that, I am truly grateful.   Sometimes we forget the important things in this life. […]


Crickets, Computers and Memories

Our evenings in Colorado have blessed us with beautiful outdoor weather to enjoy. Morning coffee on the back porch swing, lunch on the patio and open windows at night are just a few luxuries I have enjoyed over the past week.   Before falling asleep one night last week, the only sound to be heard […]


Harvest Apple

My husband and I have a favorite restaurant we enjoy visiting for breakfast. It’s a local place and their food is so good. We drive a little further to get there. We wait a little longer to sit down to breakfast. But if we aren’t in a hurry, it is worth the wait.   Somewhere […]

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