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A Morning Dove

  I enjoy this time of year. Just warm enough to be able to open the windows to allow the breeze to flow through the house. And the sounds of nature…it is calming to hear the birds singing, the frogs croaking and crickets chirping.   One of my favorite sounds is that of the morning […]


“Jesus Paid it All (O Praise the One)” – Musical Musings in March

  Isn’t it exciting when you hear a tune from your past? I’ll hear a song from my childhood or teen years and I’m transported back to that time. I remember people, events, places and memories that revolve around certain songs.   I specifically remember going to my very first dance. I was young…in 6th […]


My Vacation – Day 6

  Yes, I’m on vacation. No, I’m not going anywhere…well lots of trips around the beautiful state of Colorado are in the plans. We are hoping to see some gorgeous fall colors in the mountains. My brother and his lovely bride are coming for a visit. That is vacation enough for me folks!   This […]


Memories Flood my Mind

  My husband and I finally got a chance to watch the Glen Campbell documentary last night about his battle with Alzheimer’s. There were many things that touched my heart while watching this piece about this great American vocalist.   I recalled listening to his albums as a child with family and friends. I remembered […]


Aurora Borealis

  Memories. Some of my memories are vivid. Some are vague and then, some don’t even exist.   For instance, my family tells the tale of a trip we took to the Great Smoky Mountains. It involves a picnic lunch of hot dogs, a bear eating said hot dogs and our family sitting in our […]

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