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“Let Freedom Ring” – Monday Musical Musings

  For America, today is a special day of remembrance. The day our freedom was secured and when we became the United States of America.   The patriots of the American Revolutionary War fought to allow us the freedom we have today in America. Because of their sacrifice, we should spend today thinking of what […]


July 4th Weekend

  I am ready for a long weekend! I feel drained after a couple of busy weekends. So today is the beginning of my 4th of July weekend. What a glorious day.   Now if you’re like me, perhaps you are just thankful that you have a few days off, but there are some important […]


Don’t Forget

  One of my favorite blog posts is about Memorial Day, so thought I’d share again on this day of remembrance. I’m so thankful for the men and women who we were willing to give their life so that I might have the freedom I have. I pray that I will not take any of […]


“Jesus Paid it All (O Praise the One)” – Musical Musings in March

  Isn’t it exciting when you hear a tune from your past? I’ll hear a song from my childhood or teen years and I’m transported back to that time. I remember people, events, places and memories that revolve around certain songs.   I specifically remember going to my very first dance. I was young…in 6th […]


Jesus, the Glorious Emancipator (Sabbatical Post)

  I heard an old gospel hymn yesterday and there was one line that caught my attention. Jesus, the glorious Emancipator.[i] That single line brought such hope and joy to my soul in that moment. It was amazing!   I suspect the true meaning of that term really hit me. I live as a free […]

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