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“With All I Am” – Monday Musical Musings

  Hello my friends! It’s a beautiful morning here in Colorado! The sun is shining and a cool breeze is flowing through the window. Autumn is beginning to show up in small ways.   Today, American’s are celebrating Labor Day. A day set aside to think about and honor those who have worked diligently to […]


“Let Freedom Ring” – Monday Musical Musings

  For America, today is a special day of remembrance. The day our freedom was secured and when we became the United States of America.   The patriots of the American Revolutionary War fought to allow us the freedom we have today in America. Because of their sacrifice, we should spend today thinking of what […]


4th of July

America celebrates its 237th birthday today. It may not be the perfect country and we’ve certainly do not hold the same values as those who fought so diligently for her freedom, but I am still proud to say that I am an American.   While traveling to SE Asia last fall, I was stopped by […]

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