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When This You See… (Sabbatical Post)

  The mother of my grandchildren, my daughter Bethany, does a great job of giving thoughtful gifts. Gifts that I will treasure for the rest of my life.   This past Mother’s Day was no different. She showed up with a framed piece of art with handprints of the three kids. I’m sure it wasn’t […]



  As the director of women’s ministry at one of our church campuses, I thought it would be good to offer a summer Bible study. I wondered if there were other women like me who missed the structure of being in God’s Word during these long summer months. I prayed that there would be others […]


What Do You Know? – Musical Musings in March

  When my granddaughter was much younger, I used to say, “well, what do you know Joe?” Her response was always the same. “My name isn’t Joe, it’s Joy!” She is one smart cookie!   I don’t claim to be a smart woman and what I do know, I give God the credit. My memory […]


Aurora Borealis

  Memories. Some of my memories are vivid. Some are vague and then, some don’t even exist.   For instance, my family tells the tale of a trip we took to the Great Smoky Mountains. It involves a picnic lunch of hot dogs, a bear eating said hot dogs and our family sitting in our […]

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