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When This You See… (Sabbatical Post)

  The mother of my grandchildren, my daughter Bethany, does a great job of giving thoughtful gifts. Gifts that I will treasure for the rest of my life.   This past Mother’s Day was no different. She showed up with a framed piece of art with handprints of the three kids. I’m sure it wasn’t […]


Milk Toast or Milquetoast

  In my little devotion book about the beach, the author mentioned milquetoast. I hadn’t heard this word in years and for certain didn’t recall seeing it in print, so I was intrigued.   Turns out, the word milquetoast was brought into our world through a comic strip by H. T. Webster. In The Timid […]


“Waiting Here for You” – Monday Musical Musings

  Waiting can be so difficult. Waiting for a special person to arrive. Waiting for an event or special occasion. Waiting. UGH! And yet, in most every situation, we must wait.   There was plenty of waiting in the Scripture. Noah waited for the rains to begin after building the ark. Abraham waited for the […]


What Next?

What is the date? February 7, right? Well as usual, time has flown by and now I’m in a bit of a jam. So I’m hoping you, my readers will be able to help.   You see, I lead two groups of ladies in Bible study. One group will be finishing up our current study […]



Last week I mentioned that I was in the process of updating my family room with new curtains and an Americana theme through the summer. It has been a process. I didn’t like what I bought, so I returned the curtains and began the hunt for what I really envisioned for this room.   I […]

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