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  When I arrived home from work yesterday, my husband was on the phone with our bank. It was a pretty intense conversation and continued for nearly an hour. Someone in Bulgaria had managed to hack into our bank account. Not just our debit cards (which has happened so many times for my husband), but […]


“Waiting Here for You” – Monday Musical Musings

  Waiting can be so difficult. Waiting for a special person to arrive. Waiting for an event or special occasion. Waiting. UGH! And yet, in most every situation, we must wait.   There was plenty of waiting in the Scripture. Noah waited for the rains to begin after building the ark. Abraham waited for the […]


Second Sunday of Advent

We are in the full throws of Christmas. It’s the second week of advent and each person who is observing this special season knows what we are waiting for. The celebration of the birth of the Christ Child.   Today’s blog post speaks of anticipation. Waiting for Christmas morning to see Joy’s reaction to her […]


The Wait

It’s the day after Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried. Now the disciples and followers waited. Waited for the day they could prepare Jesus’ body for final burial. Waited for whatever might happen next. They certainly weren’t sure what was going to take place.   If you had been a follower of Jesus, what […]


Long Days

In recent months, I’ve had two very long days. Days that seemed to last forever. Dates that never seemed to change.   The first was returning from my journey to SE Asia. We left on October 5, 2012 and 36 hours later, we arrived in the United States on October 5, 2012. That was a […]

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