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Trust God’s Commands

Creative Bible Journaling is over for the day…this is what I shared with our ladies about trust. Hope you find a piece of encouragement here. “Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.” (Psalm 119:66 – NIV)   As we continue our journey down this trust path, I want to see what […]


“More Than a Dead Letter” – Today’s Touch

  Just a reminder that I’ve added a touch of poetry to my world. Not my poetry (but I would never rule out the possibility of sharing a poem I write…if I ever decide to write a poem), but others who are much more skilled at this form of writing.   Today’s piece of poetry […]


“He’s Everything to Me” – Musical Musings in March (Sabbatical Post)

  Today, I’m taking you back to 1964. I know I didn’t hear this song that year, but soon after. It became a popular song at camp, at youth group and as a special number in a worship service.   “He’s Everything to Me” not only had a wonderful melody that was easy to sing […]



  When I arrived home from work yesterday, my husband was on the phone with our bank. It was a pretty intense conversation and continued for nearly an hour. Someone in Bulgaria had managed to hack into our bank account. Not just our debit cards (which has happened so many times for my husband), but […]


Out of the Office – Day 3

  I will be out of the office (at work and at home) from Thursday, February 26 through Monday, March 2. If there is anything you might need while I am away, please have a little chat with God. He has all the answers.   Seriously, I will be gone and posting some older blog […]

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