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When This You See… (Sabbatical Post)

  The mother of my grandchildren, my daughter Bethany, does a great job of giving thoughtful gifts. Gifts that I will treasure for the rest of my life.   This past Mother’s Day was no different. She showed up with a framed piece of art with handprints of the three kids. I’m sure it wasn’t […]


Happy Birthday to Me!

  I turned 55 this week.   My youngest granddaughter turned 2 two days before my birthday. We celebrated our birthdays together. I just loved my Minnie Mouse birthday cake!   On my birthday, I was able to be part of special baptism service. As long as I live I will always remember this precious […]


Patterns and Directions

I’m working on a little project that is exciting to me. Several months ago on Facebook I offered to make something for anyone who wanted a hand-made item from me. The goal was to make something by my own hand within the year and get it to the person who wanted it. It could be […]

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