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Kitchen – Blogging A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  I’ve already mentioned during this challenge that I love to cook. Which could only lead to the fact that I love being in a kitchen. Any kitchen. I am comfortable within the confines of the cabinetry, cutlery, and cookware (oh wait, this isn’t “c”).   When we built our home eight years ago, I […]


Some Surprisingly Special Scripture

  My summer study ends today. The lives of Rahab and Mary have had a big impact upon my life. God has shown me some beautiful things about these women and it is my deep desire to have the faith that these two ladies in history expressed.   Tomorrow morning I am headed to Precept […]


A Little Quiet

  It seems like everyone I know is just returning from vacation, is on vacation or preparing for vacation. The office staff at church is pretty slim. A lot of my friends aren’t available for get-togethers. Seems like the pace of summer has slowed to the laziness it deserves.   And yet, there are a […]


A Faith Walk

  Hmm. My mind has been working overtime this morning. I’m thinking. Processing. Switching. Rethinking.   So what is it that I’m working through this morning? Faith.   Let me take you to the beginning of my thought process. I have long thought and felt that Sarah was disturbed and against Abraham sacrificing their only […]


“Holy Spirit” 2 – Monday Musical Musings

  I’ve already shared this melody with you, but something new has come to mind in relation to this song, so I decided to share more about “Holy Spirit.”   As I read through my little novella about Mary by Francine Rivers, I was impressed once again by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. God’s […]

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