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A Few Words From God

  It’s a cool morning here in Colorado…my toes are cold! Who would have thought I’d need to wear slippers on Memorial Day weekend? In Colorado, it’s a possibility. As a matter of fact, the heat just came on. Guess we better switch that off today. Still snowing in the mountains.   Today I’d like […]


“V” – A to Z Challenge

  I sure wish today’s letter was the letter “u” because I could talk about umbrellas! It is raining and storming here this morning. But it’s not the letter “u” I’ll be writing about today. Today is all about the “v.”   I was a gardener years ago. I loved to be in the garden. […]


A Birthday Wish…or Two (Sabbatical Post)

  Today is special for a couple of reasons. It is my husband’s birthday! It is so exciting to celebrate this special day with him and show him how much I appreciate what he does for our family. Happy birthday Mason! I love you!   Today also marks the one year birthday of Full Measure […]


Still Growing

  I promised pictures of my book-themed birthday party for my granddaughter. So here they are. Birthdays are an interesting beast. In the beginning, we can’t wait for them to roll around. Things are always better when we are one year older. Through our mid-life, we tend to acknowledge they even exist. And then once […]


Peace! Peace!

  It’s a peaceful morning. My office setting is quiet. I hear a few birds chirping outside my window. I am enjoying Friday morning (it is Friday right?) as leisurely as possible.   Now I would love to tell you that every area of my life is falling into this same status, but it’s not. […]

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