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“Looking in the Mirror” – Today’s Touch

  Again, not much to say today, but this poem sure says plenty! I pray that you will find some deep meaning in these words today. But more importantly, I pray that you find deep relationship with Jesus today. Blessings to you my friends!   “Looking in the Mirror” Jo Wilmer “M” Words and the […]


Still Growing

  I promised pictures of my book-themed birthday party for my granddaughter. So here they are. Birthdays are an interesting beast. In the beginning, we can’t wait for them to roll around. Things are always better when we are one year older. Through our mid-life, we tend to acknowledge they even exist. And then once […]


Whimsical Treasures

  A Facebook friend posted a little snippet on how to produce a name for your own fabric line. After using the first and last initials of my personal name, it turns out that if I were to ever create my own fabric line, it should be called Whimsical Treasures.   I loved the name! […]

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