Still Growing


I promised pictures of my book-themed birthday party for my granddaughter. So here they are.

Birthdays are an interesting beast. In the beginning, we can’t wait for them to roll around. Things are always better when we are one year older. Through our mid-life, we tend to acknowledge they even exist. And then once again, in our later years, we look forward to each birthday because it’s the sign that we are still alive and valuable in this world.


I wonder if that isn’t the way it is in our spiritual lives as well. At first, we are excited about our “newness of life.” We anticipate each new growth spurt and fill our minds with all things godly.


Then the mid-life years encroach upon that newness. It’s not that we want to dismiss our spiritual growth, but somehow, it isn’t as important. There are no new bits of information learned (maybe because we aren’t listening). There is no excitement in reading our Bible (maybe because we spend little time in our Bibles). It just seems that if things are going smoothly, why create any waves?


But then, something kicks in. We are once again excited about our walk with the Lord. We anticipate what new idea He will bring to light as we learn and grow and draw closer to Him. We can’t wait to wake up each morning to find that we are still alive and kicking in our journey with Jesus.


I don’t know where you are today, but I pray that you are at the polar ends of this scenario. I pray that you are finding great joy in your spiritual journey. Whether you are in a new relationship with Jesus or are deepening that relationship, I’m thankful that your relationship with Jesus is first and foremost in your life.


If you are in the middle somewhere, I pray that you will find the excitement again. I pray that you won’t let another day go by where you find yourself in a lukewarm relationship with Jesus (see Revelation 3:14-22). Wake up! Get excited! Find new life in Jesus!



Jesus said it this way. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5 – NIV)


That’s the way to return to an exciting relationship with Jesus. Spend time with Him. Allow Him to work in your life. Get reattached to the Vine. Allow new growth to happen. When you do, you’ll find excitement growing and you’ll begin to anticipate the next growth spurt.


Jesus desires a relationship with you. I pray that it is your greatest desire as well.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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