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Still Growing

  I promised pictures of my book-themed birthday party for my granddaughter. So here they are. Birthdays are an interesting beast. In the beginning, we can’t wait for them to roll around. Things are always better when we are one year older. Through our mid-life, we tend to acknowledge they even exist. And then once […]


Happy, Happy Birthday!

  I’m so excited for today. My Dad will be arriving later this afternoon for a visit. It’s my gift to him for his 80th birthday and not only these be good days for us, but he gets to see his grandkids and great-grandkids. What a week we’re going to have!   Today is also […]



  We are in the throes of August. Back-to-school traditions are in full swing and some schools have already started. Fall programming at churches are ready to begin. The thought of cooler weather lingers on everyone’s minds. Life is about to change.   August has always been a special month for me. My oldest child […]


Another Celebration

In my family, we continue our holiday celebrations well into January. No we don’t enjoy the Twelve Days of Christmas or observe Orthodox Christmas. We have birthday celebrations.   Today is my youngest granddaughter’s birthday! It’s hard to believe that our little “L” is 1. But she is and I can’t wait to have her […]


Today is the Day

Today is Father’s Day. A day set aside to celebrate the wonderful father’s in our lives. It is no exception for me. I love my Dad. We’ve held on to another through some rough and difficult times. We’ve laughed with one another through the funny times. We’ve cried with one another through disappointing times. But […]

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