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The Cross (Sabbatical Post)

  In the past, I’ve mentioned a gold cross necklace that I received as a gift from a good friend. It has come to be an important piece of jewelry for me and I wear it often…most every day.   I find it interesting however, that there are no other crosses in my home. I […]


“Mystery” – Monday Musical Musings

  Do you realize we are closer to Christmas 2015 than we are to Christmas 2014? Yep. This year is flying by and Christmas is just 157 days. It’s kind of frightening how quickly time goes by. At the same time, I can’t wait for Christmas to come around again.   In my Thursday morning […]


Let’s Celebrate America!

  America celebrates its 239th birthday today. It may not be the perfect country, but I am proud to say that I am an American.   While traveling to SE Asia a few years ago, I was stopped by a group of students who were working on a high school project. They wanted to interview […]


“Once and For All” (2) – Monday Musical Musings

  I’ve written before about a song by this same title. It was in a musical cantata I directed in the 90’s. The idea and concept of God’s plan of sending Jesus to die for the sins of mankind can be found in the lyrics of many songs. This is yet another version of this […]


Another Celebration

In my family, we continue our holiday celebrations well into January. No we don’t enjoy the Twelve Days of Christmas or observe Orthodox Christmas. We have birthday celebrations.   Today is my youngest granddaughter’s birthday! It’s hard to believe that our little “L” is 1. But she is and I can’t wait to have her […]

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