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My Vacation – Day 7

  Yes, I’m on vacation. No, I’m not going anywhere…well lots of trips around the beautiful state of Colorado are in the plans. We are hoping to see some gorgeous fall colors in the mountains. My brother and his lovely bride are coming for a visit. That is vacation enough for me folks!   This […]


“Once and For All” (2) – Monday Musical Musings

  I’ve written before about a song by this same title. It was in a musical cantata I directed in the 90’s. The idea and concept of God’s plan of sending Jesus to die for the sins of mankind can be found in the lyrics of many songs. This is yet another version of this […]


First Things First

  The sun is about to come up. It’s a new day. What happened yesterday is the past. Today I have new and fresh opportunities. Today looks pretty promising. So what shall I do with today?   Elizabeth George says this, “With the gift of a whole, entire, precious, and priceless day before you, ask: […]

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