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Go and Show

  I’m slowing writing the Book of Luke and oh the gems I’m finding. I could never share all of them, but today I wrote these words. “Go and show” from Luke 5:14 (NASB).   Jesus had healed a man with leprosy and He asked the man not to tell anyone that Jesus had healed […]


Another Break

  I pray that you will understand, but for the next week, I am super swamped. My work schedule is busy, but my personal life is even busier! I’m heading to Ohio on Thursday to celebrate many things and events, so I will be posting some older blog posts until next week. I’m sure you […]


A Cut Wire (Sabbatical Post)

  Yesterday was such a good day. A celebration of motherhood is always enjoyable. But the day had possible threat looming over it.   On her way to work, my daughter Candace called and said her engine light came on and that her car wasn’t running well. So we knew when she returned home, we’d […]


Miskit – Blogging from A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  Recently I took a water color painting class and learned so much about myself and the medium itself. Actually, I was pretty impressed with the different ways water colors can be used to gain different effects.   One of the items we used during our water color painting session is called Miskit. It’s a […]


Oh, How I Love Jesus! (Sabbatical Post)

  Today is Ash Wednesday. The first day of Lent. A day when many people throughout the world proclaim that they are going to give up something for Jesus for 40 days. All of this sacrifice leads up to Easter. The day we as Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His sacrifice.   […]

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