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Another Break

  I pray that you will understand, but for the next week, I am super swamped. My work schedule is busy, but my personal life is even busier! I’m heading to Ohio on Thursday to celebrate many things and events, so I will be posting some older blog posts until next week. I’m sure you […]


Express Yourself!

Perhaps you recall the song “Express Yourself”[i] by Charles Wright. It was revitalized most recently in a Coffee-Mate commercial. I was reminded of this song when my husband, Mason shared a photograph he snapped.   The owner of this car felt the need to express herself by plastering unicorns all over her car. I’ll file […]


Still Workin’

If you recall, I recently shared that I was making a décor change in my family room area. I purchased navy blue curtains, but after seeing them hanging, I knew it wasn’t the look I was going for. I really wanted denim curtains.   I found the denim fabric, found fabric for the valances that […]

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