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  Well, I thought my allergies were very extreme this year, but turns out I’m really sick. Poo! My head is jumbled and foggy. My throat is on fire. And my temperature has been up and down over the past 24 hours. So today, I’m going to share an older post. I just don’t have […]


What’s the Benefit?

  Maybe you’ve asked this question before. It might be worded differently, but in essence you’ve asked the question, “What’s in it for me?” Whether it’s a warranty plan or a credit card application or a grocery store club card, we want to know what our benefits are and what we get in return.   […]


Green Light

Have you ever heard the phrase “green light on the tipple?” I hadn’t until yesterday. I was reading through some history of the area I live in and this phrase the title of the piece.   I live in an area that is called tri-towns or the carbon valley. It is made up of three […]


Still Workin’

If you recall, I recently shared that I was making a décor change in my family room area. I purchased navy blue curtains, but after seeing them hanging, I knew it wasn’t the look I was going for. I really wanted denim curtains.   I found the denim fabric, found fabric for the valances that […]

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