Still Workin’

If you recall, I recently shared that I was making a décor change in my family room area. I purchased navy blue curtains, but after seeing them hanging, I knew it wasn’t the look I was going for. I really wanted denim curtains.


I found the denim fabric, found fabric for the valances that I liked, pulled out the sewing machine, and began the process of creating curtains.


Yesterday afternoon, I thought the transformation was complete. It looked great. I loved the warmth I felt while in the room. It was perfect.


Until my husband said, “Is that side shorter than the other?” I inspected it and sure enough it looked like the one valance was shorter. But that wasn’t enough.


My husband pulled out the tape measure and measured them all. I had indeed created one valance that wasn’t the correct length. Guess my project isn’t quite finished after all.


I wonder if God doesn’t feel like this some at times. He sees me going on the right path and I am growing spiritually. But then there is one little thing that gets me off the path or stops my spiritual growth. It’s been a number of things through my life. Busyness. Laziness. A person. A possession. Attitude. Sin.


It’s a good thing that God is still willing to do His work in me. That I am not a hopeless case. That He loves me enough to pull me back into the work area and do His tweaking.


Now I’m not saying that it is all up to Him. By no means. I must do my part. I am called to transform (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:22-24).


As I grow spiritually, I am being made new (2 Corinthians 4:16; Colossians 3:9-10).


And as I allow God’s Spirit to do His work in me, I become more like Christ (Galatians 5:22-23; Titus 3:4-6).


Maybe you remember the little kids tune about God working on us.


He’s still workin’ on me to make me what I ought to be.

It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars;

The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.

How loving and patient He must be.

He’s still workin’ on me.[i]


I don’t know about you, but this idea fills my heart with hope. Hope that He will continue to work on me and through me until I am what He wants me to be.


I am pleased with the outcome of the room transformation. It fulfills the vision that I had. I like it a lot.


I pray that God is pleased with the transformation going on in my life. I pray that I am fulfilling His vision. I know for sure that He not only likes me, He loves me. That’s why I keep moving closer to Him. That’s why I dig a little deeper. That’s why I allow His Spirit to work within me. That’s why I continue to do what I do. Because He loves me.


What is your transformation status? Have you stalled? Are you working a little harder to day than you did yesterday? I pray that you will continue to transform. I pray that you will open your heart to God’s Spirit and allow Him to do His work in you. I pray that you know just how much God loves you.


He’s still workin’!


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




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[i] He’s Still Workin’ on Me, WORDS & MUSIC: Joel Hemphill, © 1980 by Hemphill Music Company

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