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Luke 2:13-14

  It’s May 1st and it’s lightly snowing…again. Nothing has accumulated on the ground, but outside it looks a little bit like Christmas. So I thought I’d share a Christmas passage with you this morning.   “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God […]


Feeling Dumb

  I am technology challenged. I try to stay on the cutting edge, but the more I try the more frustrated I become. This morning, all I can say is UGH!   I’m trying to get Windows 10 on my home computer. But in order to get this, there is a list of ten things […]


What’s Highlighted?

  On occasion, I share some beautiful artwork from Pinterest. These pictures contain verses of Scripture and they allow my mind to visualize God’s Word. Another way I visualize God’s Word is by highlighting verses in my Bible.   Today, I thought I would share some of favorites…I’d love to know what verses you enjoy […]


Express Yourself!

Perhaps you recall the song “Express Yourself”[i] by Charles Wright. It was revitalized most recently in a Coffee-Mate commercial. I was reminded of this song when my husband, Mason shared a photograph he snapped.   The owner of this car felt the need to express herself by plastering unicorns all over her car. I’ll file […]


Message in a Bottle

I am still working on the finishing touches in my new beach-themed office. It’s coming along, but I went on a shopping spree to look for new items to add to this room.   I found items like this cool pelican friend, who has been names Nigel after the Finding Nemo pelican. There was this […]

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