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“My Lighthouse” – Monday Musical Musings

  Darkness. It’s all around us and even in our own lives at times. Fear. Doubt. Anxiety. Depression. These are all emotions that can pull us into the darkness of that scheming evil one.   The good news I have to share with you today is that there is a Light that is able to […]


A Few Words From God

  It’s a cool morning here in Colorado…my toes are cold! Who would have thought I’d need to wear slippers on Memorial Day weekend? In Colorado, it’s a possibility. As a matter of fact, the heat just came on. Guess we better switch that off today. Still snowing in the mountains.   Today I’d like […]


At the Name of Jesus

  Last week at Praise in Motion, we concentrated on some of the names of God. Our leader gave us a listing of names and asked that we focus on one throughout the evening. It was a very powerful exercise. I chose the name Immanuel…God with us. In each song that was shared that evening, […]


“L” – Blogging A to Z

Happy Tuesday morning to you! Thank you for stopping by and checking out Full Measure of Joy. It’s always a pleasure to see your smiling face!   Today I continue with my blogging challenge of working through the alphabet and writing about a specific letter. The letter today is “l.”   From the article “More […]


December 16 – Follow

  If you recall, I created a little Advent calendar for one of my Bible study groups to help us focus more on Jesus through the month of December. The word to reflect, contemplate and meditate upon today on my little Advent calendar is “follow.”   I thought of each character who participated in the […]

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