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“Holy Spirit” 2 – Monday Musical Musings

  I’ve already shared this melody with you, but something new has come to mind in relation to this song, so I decided to share more about “Holy Spirit.”   As I read through my little novella about Mary by Francine Rivers, I was impressed once again by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. God’s […]


Watch and Wait

  As I continue to read the final chapters of Unafraid by Francine Rivers, I realize how difficult it must have been for Mary and Jesus’ half-brothers and sisters to watch Him as He went about with His ministry. To witness Jesus’ rejection by the people in His village. To hear what others said about […]


“Sing to the King” – Monday Musical Musings

  I’m still trying to finish my little novella about Mary by Francine Rivers. This book doesn’t just tell of the birth of Jesus, but continues with the journey that Joseph, Mary and Jesus made through His childhood. While it is a story made up by a talented author, I’m sure many of the scenes […]



  Today is Christmas Eve, and if you’re like most of the world celebrating Christmas, you have traditions. You may have already enjoyed some of these traditions, but there are probably many more coming your way in the next two days.   I started a tradition a couple of years ago that I am enjoying […]

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