Posts Tagged ‘1 Corinthians 16:13-14’

A Scaredy-Cat

  I am not a brave person. I am easily frightened. I cannot watch horror movies or any television program with even hints of a scary segment. I dread the month of October because of the TV ads for scary Halloween shows. I wind up closing my eyes and even muting the television for most […]


Watch and Wait

  As I continue to read the final chapters of Unafraid by Francine Rivers, I realize how difficult it must have been for Mary and Jesus’ half-brothers and sisters to watch Him as He went about with His ministry. To witness Jesus’ rejection by the people in His village. To hear what others said about […]


Take Courage

On some days while sitting outside at my house, you’ll hear and then see a stunt pilot. The plane is close enough to see that he or she is flying upside down or sideways, performing barrel rolls, stalling the plane’s engine, or perhaps doing loops.   Each time I hear the plane, I stop whatever […]

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