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It’s Sunday!

  It’s Sunday! Woohoo! Are you making preparations to head to worship? I pray that you are.   I love today’s repeated blog post. There are so many elements from two years ago that fit in to my world today. I pray that you will find time to renew yourself, your quiet time or your […]


Refresh My Heart

  I am feeling a little (okay I’ll admit it, a lot) jet-lagged and tired. And as I sit here this morning, I’m wondering how my brain can possibly function well today. So I thought I’d see what God’s Word has to say about how to get over this feeling of weariness.   I read […]


Just One More Day

  Folks, I’m feeling a little weary this morning. Yes, I’m tired from travel, but things happening in the world and close to me have me feeling drained. So I beg you to forgive me for posting just one more repeated blog post today. I would ask that you join me today in prayer for […]


Phoenix Respite – Day 1

  I am excited to say that I will be attending a conference for a few days in Phoenix! I’ve never been to Phoenix. I’m excited to be where the palm trees grow…just wish there was a beach close by! I’ve heard that I’ll love it, but until I experience for myself, I will never […]

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