Phoenix Respite – Day 1


I am excited to say that I will be attending a conference for a few days in Phoenix! I’ve never been to Phoenix. I’m excited to be where the palm trees grow…just wish there was a beach close by! I’ve heard that I’ll love it, but until I experience for myself, I will never really know.


2011-2-15 Daytona 002 (640x360)That’s the way it is with Jesus. You can hear all the stories. You can read what the Bible says about Him. You can be told what to expect. But until you make the decision to experience Jesus for yourself, you will never know what it’s really like to be forgiven, redeemed, loved, a child of the King, accepted, filled with the Spirit and so much more. Why not take that important step toward Jesus today?


The conference I’m heading to is work-related. A group of Senior Administrative Assistants will be gathering to talk about our jobs. But since I’ll be pretty busy over the next few days, I’ll be re-posting some older blogs. I pray that you will have a blessed week. I will miss you!


“Living on Bread and Water” – Monday Musical Musings


If you’re like me and been around church your entire life, you’ve heard the account of the woman a lot. There have been sermons, Bible studies, lessons, skits, and songs written about this particular event to the point that it might be too familiar.


I found this to be true yesterday morning. I was with a small group of believers at church and we read through the passage in John 4. I heard this verse and I was touched. “When the Samaritans came to him, they urged him to stay with them, and he stayed two days.” (John 4:40 – NIV)


As often as I’ve heard or read this passage, I must have forgotten that Jesus stayed with in this Samaritan village. He taught a group of people who had been cast away by their Jewish brothers because of their inter-marriage with non-Jews. And yet, they still believed God and His promise of a Messiah.


Suddenly, this group of people were in the presence of the Messiah and they knew their lives would never be the same. Jesus offered them living water so they may never thirst again.


We sometimes miss another section of this passage when Jesus’ disciples returned with food (John 4:31-38). The disciples urged Jesus to eat, but He told them He had food they didn’t know about. Not food that was stashed in His pocket or hidden under a nearby rock. No, the food Jesus spoke of was doing the work of the Father.


The song I’d like to share with you today is called “Living on Bread and Water.” As you read through these lyrics and listen to the recording, pay close attention to the lyrics in verse two.


Sometimes we miss the important pieces in biblical accounts. The water Jesus offered the woman at the well and the bread He spoke of are also available to us. I pray that we are as anxious to be in Jesus’ presence as the Samaritans were and that we will also fill up with on the Living Bread and Water Jesus has to offer. When we do so, we will never be hungry or thirsty again.


Enjoy today’s melody. It’s a treasure!


“Living on Bread and Water”


There came a woman to a well she thought she would draw water there

But Jesus offered her so much more.

He said, “Whosoever drinks from Me will never thirst for eternity.”

The woman said to Him, “Give me to drink.”


And now she’s Living on Bread and Water that flows from the Father,

Oh she’ll never thirst or hunger anymore.

She’s got all she’ll ever need; she can now walk free

Because of Jesus the Living Bread and Water.


I was drawing from an empty well;

Growing weak I nearly fell from a hungry soul dying without bread.

But I found in Him a great supply of bread and water to satisfy,

And now I have in Him eternal life.


And now I’m Living on Bread and Water that flows from the Father,

Oh I’ll never thirst or hunger anymore.

I’ve got all I’ll ever need; I can now walk free

Because of Jesus the Living Bread and Water.[i]


Click here to listen to Ken Turner and Valor III singing this special song.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




[i] “Living on Bread and Water,” Words and Music by Jeff Rowland.

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