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Four Elements to Happiness

  We hear the word “happy” all the time. There are happy dances, happy songs and happy happenings. We celebrate happiness, embrace happiness, as well as search for happiness. And just how do you know if someone is happy? They are usually bubbling with it, right? You know when someone is happy.   Of course, […]


“H” – Blogging A to Z

  We’ve come to the letter “h” on our journey through the alphabet in April. According to Ms. Marquez[i], a good way to boost your happiness and attitude is to hike.   Just 20 minutes outdoors makes you feel less tired and more alive. Whether it is walking your neighborhood, a nature trail or Long’s […]


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Today is a special day in our family. It is my grandson Percy’s second birthday. So because we all so happy today, I’d like to share some happy verses of Scripture with you. Nothing really to say about them, but just to remind one another of what God says about happiness.   “May the righteous […]

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