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It’s Cold Outside! (Sabbatical Post)

  The past few days have been amazing! We’ve had snow, blizzard conditions, sunshine, a snow moon, cold temperatures and some beautiful scenery. However, with all the blowing snow and cold, I opted to stay indoors. I had remained indoors since last Friday…until last night.   My husband and I decided to run out to […]


Ohio Respite #3 – Day 1 – Musical Musings in March

  I’ll be in Ohio the rest of the week getting Mom settled at home. There will be no time to write, so please enjoy older Musical Musings in March posts. Have a great first full week of Spring!   “The New 23rd” – Musical Musings in March   Today’s melody is from another great […]


Busy, Busy, Busy

  We have managed to make it to the busy season of the year. Holidays and guests and travel and meal preparations and family and work and activities and anything else you can think to add to this list.   Yes, busyness seems to go hand-in-hand with November and December. And for me, I just […]


“The New 23rd” – Musical Musings in March

Today’s melody is from another great song writer. Ralph Carmichael. It’s true that Mr. Carmichael is credited with some secular tunes (including the soundtrack to The Blob in 1958), he has been faithful to use his talent to bring others to Jesus through his music.   It’s been years since I’ve thought of today’s melody. […]


“Cornerstone” – Monday Musical Musings

Today’s musical musing is one of those songs that has taken an older hymn and brought it into our century. In 1834 Edward Mote wrote a hymn called “The Solid Rock.” Mr. Mote understood the importance of holding onto Jesus as his hope, foundation, and anchor. Mr. Mote understood that regardless of what the day […]

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