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“X” – A to Z Challenge

  I find that “x” is the most difficult letter to write about during this A to Z Challenge. I use words that begin with “q” or “z”…maybe not every day, but there are common words that begin with these letters. Not so with the letter “x.”   For instance, when was the last time […]


“W” – A to Z Challenge

  One of my “new” favorite things to do is write Scripture. It is the first thing I do each morning. This morning for my Scripture writing exercise, I wrote Matthew 6:25-34.   Over and over, I wrote the word “worry.” What a great reminder for me (and maybe for yourself) to trust God with […]


“T” – A to Z Challenge

  I’ve developed a twitch in my left eye. It is kind of bothersome and annoys me when I need to focus on something. I’m sure the twitch will go away as soon as my more relaxing schedule settles in…at least, I’m praying that will happen.   It’s so amazing how our bodies know when […]


“K” – A to Z Challenge

  If you have had the privilege of having a rich heritage, you probably have some keepsakes around your home. Dishes, utensils, occupational tools, toys, jewelry or wood working equipment could be in the mix of some of your keepsakes. Some may be valuable as far as the world is concerned, but for the most […]


“My Beloved” – Musical Musings in March

  I’m back! We had an uneventful drive from Colorado to Ohio…and back again. Visited with family and friends. Attended my nephew’s concert of Celtic music (which was pretty awesome) and learned about a mission organization in Ireland. Watched my niece’s production of Lion King Jr (words are inadequate to describe how marvelous this was). […]

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