The Obvious

Summer feels like it has arrived in Colorado. With temperatures rising to near 100° today, it is going to be hot. In preparation for summer, last week I purchased a pool for the grandkids to enjoy at my house, but I didn’t pay attention to all the details on the box.


I only looked at the height of the pool. I wanted to make sure it was deep enough for Joy to enjoy as well as something Percy and even Leslieanna could splash around in.


I unrolled the pool in the family room and at that point Joy said, “Maybe you should blow it up outside…it might not fit through the door.”


Wise words from a youngster.


Outside, I was surprised that I was not able to blow it up on my own. So I brought out the small shop vacuum and filled the tubes of the lining with air. Then I began to fill it with water. An hour later, there was about two inches of water in the pool.


I realized my mistake and decided to take the pool back and find a smaller one.


As Mason (my husband) and I discussed it later that evening, he asked if I had seen the 160 inches marking on the box. I told him I wasn’t concerned about that, just the height.


I also mentioned that if I had been paying attention, I would have noticed how many people were in the pool on the front picture. That would have given me an idea of just how big this pool really was.


I also reminded him of the money exchange fiasco in South Korea last fall…I do tend to have difficulty with numbers.


It was clearly obvious that the pool was pretty large. It was clearly obvious that it was going to take a lot of water to fill it. It was clearly obvious that this pool was meant for several adults to enjoy. It was clearly obvious that I ignored all of the above for one small detail.


King David found himself in a similar scenario (2 Samuel 11). It was spring and all the kings were at war. Except David. The Israelite army was in battle against their enemies. Their leader however, had chosen to stay in the palace.


Bathsheba belonged to someone else. David ignored this important detail. David engaged Bathsheba in an affair which was clearly against God’s precepts. David initiated the death of Bathsheba’s husband. Again, clearly against God’s commands.


King David made choices without taking into account the consequences of those choices. David chose to ignore the obvious for his own gratification.


And yet, God considered David to be a man after his own heart (1 Samuel 13:13-14).


So how does this account help me in my Christian journey? I too ignore the obvious. The lists of sinful behaviors in Scripture are abundant. I still mess up and sin.


But God loves me anyway (Romans 5:8). God chooses to forgive my sinful nature (1 John 1:9) because I too, am a woman after His own heart (Psalm 16:2; Acts 13:22). I am one of His chosen (Colossians 3:12-17). I am a daughter of the King. God has created beauty from ashes in my life. I am clothed in garments of praise. I am a display of God’s splendor (Isaiah 61:3).


God overlooks the obvious in my life and only looks at my heart (1 Samuel 16:7). When my heart is in line with God’s will and His ways, I am a woman after His own heart.


What does God see when He looks at your heart? Is your heart filled with love for others? Is your heart filled with integrity? Is your heart teachable? Is your heart seeking God’s ways and His will? Is your heart repentant? Is God’s presence obvious to those around you because He is the Ruler of your heart?


Maybe it’s time to rid our lives of the obvious sin that separates us from our heavenly Father. Maybe it’s time to offer our hearts to Him to become women and men who are fully devoted to His Kingdom. Maybe it’s time for God’s will to replace our will in our lives.

I am thankful for a God who is willing to overlook the obvious flaws in my life. I am also thankful for a God who is also willing to create something beautiful out of those obvious flaws. Isn’t it about time for you to allow Him to do His great work in your life as well?


I did much better with the second purchase of a pool. It is just big enough for the slide to add some aquatic fun and there is space for all three grandkids. Oh what fun we will have this summer!


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




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