“My Life is in Your Hands” – Monday Musical Musings


I fell in love with Kathy Troccoli years ago. The deep, rich tones that flowed from her voice stirred such longing within me. Kathy’s vocal range fell within my own, so naturally, I wanted to sing Kathy’s music.


IMAG1492The only song that ever entered my repertoire however was “My Life is in Your Hands.” To be honest, if I was going to choose one of her songs, this was the one to choose! These lyrics became words I repeated over and over during some of my most difficult moments in life, as well as when things seemed to be going well.


Perhaps you can relate to these lyrics. Maybe today is not going well or you know that difficulty awaits you. If that is the case, share those difficulties with Jesus. Even when we forget Jesus is with us, He is still there and wants to help you through these difficult moments.


Maybe today is a great day for you. Jesus is still with you and He would love for you to chat about what’s right in your life. Let’s not forget to spend time with Jesus when all is well in our lives.


When we surrender our lives to the One who loves us more than life itself, our lives are in good hands.


Take a look at the lyrics of “My Life is in Your Hands” and then click on the link below to listen to Kathy’s beautiful voice as she lifts her heart to God. And then I pray that you too can say, “my life is in your hands, Jesus.”


“My Life is in Your Hands”


Life can be so good
Life can be so hard
Never knowing what each day
Will bring to where You are

Sometimes I forget
And sometimes I can’t see
That whatever comes my way You’ll be with me

My life is in Your hands
My heart is in Your keeping
I’m never without hope
Not when my future is with You


My life is in Your hands
And though I may not see clearly
I will lift my voice and sing
‘Cause Your love does amazing things
Lord, I know, my life is in your hands

Nothing is for sure
Nothing is for keeps
All I know is that your love
Will live eternally

So I will find my way
And I will find my peace
Knowing that you’ll meet my every need


When I’m at my weakest oh
You carry me
Then I become my strongest Lord
In Your hands



To listen to Kathy Troccoli sing “My Life is in Your Hands,” click here.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




[i] “My Life is in Your Hands,” Words by Kathy Troccoli, Music by Kathy Troccoli and Bill Montvilo, Emily Boothe, Inc. (Reunion Music Pub), Floating Note Music, Inc., 1993.

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